I’m Sid, 19, from the UK ~ I’m quite heroically awkward and confused, and this is my most recent face

I’m a trans man, gender confused, pansexual but feeling very gay at the moment — but terrible at talking to guys ~

Mental health issues which make me almost impossible to deal with so good luck with that ~

Please message me, especially if you like Sherlock, chemistry, philosophy, Kino’s Journey, general queerness, alternative rock music, Kurt Vonnegut, Hitchhiker’s Guide, knowledge, etc etc 

for more me my blog is here http://squidsarestrange.tumblr.com/

Yes I am very tired ^^

Hey, I’m Zacky. 21, Ohio and Idk come talk to me I guess. 


hi!  i’m gabe.  i’m 29 years old (i know, toooooo old to be hanging around tumblr, but…), live in ohio, and am keen to meet some new folks.  for what it’s worth, i’m 5 years on t, and am 2.5 years post-op up top; i like long tv/movie marathons, playing outside, music, and video games.


My wife, Jaden, and I are really just looking for more LGBT friends. We live in Jacksonville, AR and if you want to get in contact with us just message me (Brittany) on my Tumblr page. :) brittanytealio

im Brittany, im looking for some new friends so if you have kik, message me at urverne :)

Hey yall I’m back :)

J.Sky (or Jaime). 22. Currently in Minnesota where I will be graduating this spring…and then this fall I will attending law school in Massachusetts!

Trans man. Loving. Caring. Protective. Sarcasm is my 2nd language. Romantic. Athletic. 

Feel free to message me and/or add me :)


Rian http://breakingtendency.tumblr.com/

Courtney 18 Florida, I love girls and singing to them<3